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How to Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to the You Be The Chemist® Canada initiative.  Here are just some of the ways you and your colleagues can get involved:

1)      Volunteer

Become a Champion for the program and present You Be The Chemist® to your local schools, school boards, community groups, and/or student camps.  Also, consider using this program for your organization’s philanthropic commitments and community outreach.

2)      Spread the Word

Help us spread a positive image of chemistry by sharing the benefits of You Be The Chemist® lesson plans and hands-on education experiences.  Consider sharing the news with teachers, mentors, youth groups, CAER groups, Rotary Clubs, YMCA, and programs for underprivileged children.  Some of our volunteers have brought the program to third world countries too.

3)      Sponsor

The You Be The Chemist® Canada program is a complimentary resource for education professionals across Canada.  To date, the evolution of the program has been through the generous donations of RDC member companies and affiliates.  In order to sustain and grow the program, we continue to need financial support.

Corporate Donation – send a cheque to You Be The Chemist Canada c/o RDC and be a proud sponsor of the program.  Your company name will appear on all marketing materials and your logo will appear on our website under the wall of sponsors.

“Challenge” Sponsor – support a Regional or National Challenge by applying for sponsorship under one of the event tiers.  The event sponsorship tiers will be announced closer to the date of the Challenge.

Purchase Chemistry-to-go Kits – for tangible donation, consider purchase of chemistry kits.  Each kit consists of safety goggles, materials to perform 5 of the lesson plans x multiple times, as well as study materials for the educators.  We encourage your organization to hand deliver the kits to local schools or groups to build a relationship and engage the community.