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You Be The Chemist Activity Guides are roadmaps for fun, hands-on science experiences that help develop students’ abilities to engage in sustained scientific inquiry.

The Activity Guides cover a range of topics across chemistry, biology, and physics, and can be extended to cover much more. The format fits seamlessly with spiraled science instruction and standards. Now in its Fifth Edition, the Activity Guides are organized into these sections:

  • Properties of Matter
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Energy
  • Forces & Interactions
  • Life & Earth Sciences

Let’s Show the World What We’ve Got!

This year’s international challenge gives children the opportunity to compete with science enthusiasts across the globe! Grade 5-8 students from the U.S.A and China will also be participating in this year’s You Be The Chemist® Challenge. Let’s make Canada proud!

So exciting! How Does Our School Become Involved?

Registration is now open from September 28 – December 31.  Register or nominate your team of four.

How do we prepare?! What are the questions based on?

Study materials and supporting information will be available on the Chemical Educational Foundation’s (CEF) website. Participants are encouraged to review these study materials, including the periodic table, to prepare for each level of the Challenge competition. Questions will be based on overall understanding of chemistry, general science concepts, and the relationship among various concepts.

We look forward to seeing lots of Canadian representation at the upcoming challenge!

Go Canada, Go!

Additional Resources

You Be The Chemist Canada continues to offer free lesson plans and resources to students and teachers across Canada.

Contact us

Should you have further questions relating to the YBTC program in Canada or the upcoming Challenge, please feel free to contact the RDC Head Office at 905.332.8777.